Marine Planeten

An interactive installation inspired by the book “The Atlas of Remote Islands” of the german writer Judith Schalansky. This installation was a part of an exhibition called “Inseln” which took place at Strauhof Museum of literature in Zurich during the summer 2014. By turning the sphere you could navigate in five of the most mysterious islands on the Earth.

Design – Nadezda Suvorova
DeveloppementJérémie Forge
Exhibition designCatherine Nussbaumer
Sound DesignJérémie Forge


PhotosRaphaëlle Mueller

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Hi there, my name is Nadezda Suvorova. I'm an interaction designer with a background in graphic design, based in Geneva.

My work is often inspired by science and scientific experiments, which I like to turn into playful and contemplative experiences. Feel free to contact me if you have an interesting project or just to say hello.